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Web presence

Ranking high on search engines is essential. It will boost the visibility of your property and attract as many potential buyers as possible. More than 90% of property searches are now done on the Web – more than half of which are from a mobile device.

My professional site is mobile-friendly and indexed to rank high on search engines. As a marketing tool, it’s indispensable and effective.


Professional photography service

Our professional photography service goes beyond stunning images to also include compelling descriptions. Our marketing coordinator will be present during the photoshoot to know your home better and craft the selling description it deserves.

When your photoshoot is scheduled, you will receive an email from HausValet outlining the procedure of the photoshoot and offering a list of useful tips for making your property even more appealing.

Virtual Reality – Headsets that allow potential buyers to view all listings of participating brokers. They also allow the members of our team to visit all properties.

3D visit – Social media outreach


Social Medias

In addition to the visibility offered by our professional website, we enhance the display of your property by broadcasting on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. These media allow you to increase the reach of your publication through user interaction and information sharing.

Facebook -> Sponsored and targeted advertising by audience region

Page FB -> Équipe Francis Mckenzie Courtiers Immobiliers

Advertising on buses and bus shelters


A renown real estate agency
on the South Shore

The RE/MAX Platinum team is made up of more than 245 seasoned brokers whose reputation is second to none. Their professionalism, integrity and leadership are your guarantee of a positive real estate experience. RE/MAX Platinum serves one of the most active and prestigious real estate territories in Quebec.

Located on Montreal's South Shore, between the Champlain and Mercier bridges, this territory covers a large area along the river. It offers an incredible diversity of residential properties to suit all budgets, as well as a wide choice of industrial and commercial properties. Our brokers are also active in all cities on the South Shore of Montreal.


RE/MAX programs

Tranquilli-T Coverage

Without a doubt, buying or selling a property is a major event in your life. At RE/MAX, we're well aware of this, and that's why we want to offer you solutions to the various pitfalls that can unfortunately arise.

That's why we offer you the Tranquilli-T program, a protection offered exclusively by participating RE/MAX brokers to protect their clients. This program has 4 components:

  • Delay and withdrawal
  • Death
  • Legal assistance
  • Small claims.

With such comprehensive protection, the Tranquilli-T program is synonymous with guaranteed peace of mind!

Read more about Tranquili-t

Integri-T program

Many buyers and sellers are concerned about the possibility of finding themselves in a situation involving hidden defects.

Fortunately, there's the Integri-T warranty, made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ). This unique warranty offers financial protection to buyers and sellers in the event of the discovery of hidden defects.

The Integri-T warranty is designed to reassure both buyers and sellers following a real estate transaction. It considerably reduces the stress associated with the discovery of hidden defects, and offers significant financial protection.

In addition to financial coverage in the event of the discovery of hidden defects, our support service ensures rapid and comprehensive handling, enabling buyers and sellers to avoid a tedious and very costly legal process!

* Certain conditions apply. See your broker for more information.

Read more about Integri-T
Collection re/max

A program created specifically for luxury properties:

  • Listing of properties (single family or condominium) of value equal to or greater than the value guide for your region, city or district
  • High-end sign in front of your property
  • Distinctive listing of your property online
  • Global visibility
Collection re/max
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